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Waring Pro WT0450: Feature-packed Toaster Oven Made for Toast Lovers

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Waring Pro WT0450 Toaster Oven Reviews

The Waring Pro WTO450 is proof that modern kitchens need toaster ovens to realize the multi-tasking capabilities of busy cooks.

This little appliance accounts for the tiniest amount of kitchen countertop, but it earns its 19 x 15 x 12.5 inch spot by toasting and baking, broiling and cooking, and generally taking on the role of cooking workhorse when all other kitchen appliances are occupied.

Having put my support for the functionality of toaster ovens on the line, let’s move on to see if the Waring is equipped with the kind of features that typify it as one of the best toaster oven models on the market.

Is Waring Pro WT0450 a Good Toaster Oven?

Getting to Know Waring Pro WT0450 in Details

If you’ve gone through enough toaster oven reviews, you know that two of the most important aspects that make the best toaster oven are power and versatility. The WTO450 matches power with its contenders in a best toaster oven match-up by delivering an ample 1500-Watts of energy to every inch of its cooking surface.

What that means in cooking terms is a highly pleasing 450F of searing heat for penetrating plump joints of meat and browning the crusts of large pies while stewing the contents within.

Flipping the operational dynamic, the three rounded dials mounted in a vertical array on the right side of the appliance can be finely manipulated to brown up to four slices of toast at once, a much subtler cooking function than the aforementioned broiling feature but one that’s every bit as desirable in such a compact assembly of cooking parts.

I’ll move along apace, turning to the construction of the appliance. The construction of the Waring Pro WTO450 radiates quality and durability in the form of a brushed stainless steel build.

The tempered safety glass front panel lowers on a pair of bottom-mounted hinges to show three levels of toasting performance. Be sure to use that wide black plastic and metal handle when lowering the door. Glass gets hot, after all.

Peaking inside with the glass front now lowered, the top two levels of the toaster oven use interchangeable racks, edged shelf supports that hold a wire bake tray and the broiling pan, fairly standard components as seen in past oven reviews.

Side view of Waring Pro WT0450 Toaster OvenBaking demonstration with Waring Pro WT0150 4-slice toaster oven

The bottom level, sensibly enough, is reserved for the crumb catching tray, a slide out part that’s designed to be effortlessly pulled out and tipped over to eliminate crumbs and food debris.

So far so good, the WTO450 is shaping up to be a fine nominee for the best toaster oven category, a model that any keen cook can squeeze into the most claustrophobic kitchen.

I’m left wondering if there are any flaws in the design, so I’ll look closer yet.

Some Shortcomings

On rotating the unit, I do acknowledge the design ethic for fitting the external case with an attractive brushed steel look, but the sides are black, presenting a break in the visual appeal of the design.

Also, the three large dials are built for simple operation, with the top one controlling cooking functions, the middle managing temperature, and the lowest of the three coordinating time functions, but certain shoppers have expressed a desire for a touch more control over their cooking projects.

Still, the frustration-free cooking dynamic is attractive to the majority of kitchen warriors.

Final Thoughts

Expressing functionality and efficiency alongside an attractive design, important points in researching the finest toaster ovens, I believe mainstream oven reviews will come to see this coolly attractive appliance from Waring as a streamlined kitchen workaholic, tending to all those hot baking and broiling needs you can’t assign to already full appliances.

Better yet, the WTO450 makes a fine standalone product for cramped apartments and college dorms, acting as the central all-purpose stove and toaster for your every foody need.

Image credit Jessica Spengler