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Sunbeam SGS90701 Microwave Oven is Popular. But is it Worth a Buy?

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80/20 Pareto Rule at Work: Thousands of Microwave Options. Only Few are Really Selling

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It is amazing to see how the rule works in almost every industry and every product that we use on a daily basis. Microwave oven is one such product.

There are probably hundreds of microwave oven models to choose from. Yet, only a fraction of them are ‘really’ selling and the Sunbeam SGS90701 is among them.

What is it exactly that earns this highly-rated microwave oven from Sunbeam a place among the exclusive list of best-selling ovens? Let’s take a look.

Key Review Highlights of Sunbeam SGS90701 Microwave Oven

What to Look for When Buying a Microwave Oven

The microwave is built on a 700 watt standard. Microwave recipes are timed based on being prepared in a 700 watt oven.

Consumers should buy microwaves with no less than 700 watts of power in order to get the benefit of speedy cooking and to be able to use the published microwave recipes.

The second most important feature is the type of control panel. Dials are more difficult to use than touch pads because cooks get the hands wet and covered with food when preparing meals. It’s easier to set the microwave when touch is all that’s needed.

The third most important feature is the number of power levels available. Three is the minimum number of power levels: defrost, 50% of power and 100% power. If the microwave has more power levels, that’s even better. There are other features to consider, these top three features are the most important.

Winning Features of Sunbeam SGS90701

Sunbeam’s compact design is a winner. It takes up the minimum amount of space on a small counter top. Apartment dwellers, office break rooms, dorm rooms and RV users.

Literally anyone who has limited kitchen space can benefit from owning this unit. It packs a lot of power for such a small appliance.

It meets or exceeds all three of the microwave standards listed to determine if your microwave is a good purchase. It has 700 watts of power, touch pad controls and 10 power levels. All three points put this unit in the buying category.

It has powerful cooking capacity for its size. With a wattage of 700, the microwave will defrost by weight. It will quickly and efficiently heat dishes and drinks to warm palatable temperatures in a matter of minutes.

Because it has 10 cook settings, it can also cook entire dishes: casseroles, meatloaf, pork loin and vegetable side dishes for example.

The size of the interior of this highly popular microwave is large enough to prepare a dish or a meal in a standard microwave-safe dishes that hold multiple family servings. A 9 x 9″ dish 2″ deep would 2.5 liters equaling 10- 8 ounce servings. The 11″ turntable makes the cooking uniform throughout the whole dish.

Where Sunbeam SGS90701 can do Better

The microwave cooks at about 35-50% lesser speed than a 110 watt oven. If it takes an hour to cook in an 1100 watt oven, it takes 1:35 to cook in a 700 watt oven at the same power level. Cooking in the 700 watt oven takes much longer.

The oven is not large enough to fit many family size cooking dishes. Rectangular dishes sized at 12 x 8 or larger don’t fit on the turntable. Only circular dishes below 10″ in circumference fit in this microwave. This limits the cookware you can use.

This well-rated oven only comes in one color: white. Not all kitchens are complemented by white appliances. Kitchens with steel counter tops, stainless steel or black appliances, would be better served by a microwave in black or stainless steel. Panasonic NN-SD681S Genius is among the recommended alternative to consider.

Only a one year limited warranty is available on this product. This limited warranty guarantees the microwave will work at least a year.

If it stops working, the manufacturer will repair or replace the item only. They will not pay for any damages suffered due to an appliance malfunction. Some microwaves also cover an additional appliance feature for a number of years; as many as ten years of coverage is included for the additional part or feature.

Sunbeam SGS90701B-BProduct image of Sunbeam popular microwave oven

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 12.99 ” width x 10.31″ height x 17.79″ depth
  • Weight: 23.14 pounds
  • White color
  • Capacity: .7 cubic foot
  • Wattage: 700
  • Number of One-Touch Settings
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Oven Settings: Defrost and Speed Cook
  • Additional Features: Digital Clock, Interior light, 11″ Turntable, Timer
  • Door Swing Style: Left to Right Swing
  • Door Release: Pull
  • Safety Listing: 1-UL Listed
  • Programmable Child Safety Lock
  • Warranty: One Year Limited manufacturer’s warranty

Is Sunbeam SGS90701 the Perfect Microwave for You?

Overall, this Sunbeam microwave performs very well for a compact microwave. It is powerful and just takes a little longer to prepare larger dishes than a higher wattage oven.

It’s a convenient size for small spaces, fitting neatly in corners or on shelves. Despite its size, it is large enough to prepare a family size meal.

Now that you have the pros and cons of the Sunbeam SGS90701 microwave oven, what do you think? Do you think it is the perfect microwave oven for your need? Or do you think otherwise?

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