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My Take on Sharp R-1405 Over the Range Microwave Oven

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Did You that Perfectly Baked Chicken? Or Turkey Maybe?

Did You that Perfectly Baked Chicken? Or Turkey Maybe?

The moderately priced Sharp R-1405 Over the Range microwave oven is described as a plain Jane, down to earth, basic microwave with exactly the features the purchaser was looking for but with not too many more.

The pre-programmed popcorn button is a hit, with more than one reviewer talking about how perfectly popped the popcorn is. In a number of microwave oven review, owners of Sharp R-1405 rave about the surprisingly large cooking capacity that this oven offers.

Reviewers did say the matte black finish was unexpected, and they were not sure they liked it. But after installation, most were pleased with the oven’s sleek, clean lines. Since a matte surface hides fingerprints, it may be a wiser choice than glossy for households that include children.

What to Expect of Sharp R-1405

Easy Installations

The 950 watt Sharp R-1405 is designed for over the range installation. Instructions recommend two people for the install, but many reviewers said they managed well enough doing the installation by themselves.

The oven weighs 55 pounds, though; the reviewers who had the extra pair of hands appreciated the help. There are three venting options, rear, side and top. So, installation of the Sharp R-1405 in an existing space can be accomplished without extensive modifications.

In a number of oven reviews discussing about Sharp R-1405, you’d find some owners having difficulty to follow the instructions set out in the manual. However, most added that while the instructions are not as clear as they wanted, they managed figured them out without too much difficulty. Installation ultimately was simple and involved no tools other than a screwdriver.

Pre-set Functions with Large Capacity

The oven has several features. It comes with 11 power levels. There are four each pre-programmed options for cooking, reheating and defrosting. The Sharp R-1405 has a one-touch minute plus button and a minute timer. The two-color display has large, easy to read digits. The oven also has a ventilation fan and a work light.

Sharp R-1405 oven fitted perfectly to cabinetSharp over-the-range microwave oven in white color

The Carousel at 14 and one-eighths inches has the largest turntable of any in its class; it can hold a 9 by 13 inch dish. The inside dimensions of the oven are 14 and fifteen-sixteenths inches deep, 9 and seven-eighths inches high, and 17 and one-half inches wide, making it large enough to cook or reheat most dishes.

The Sharp R-1405 comes in matte black or white models. Its outside dimensions are 15 and nine-sixteenths inches deep, by sixteen and one-fourth inches high and 29 and fifteen-sixteenths inches wide. Because it installs over the range, valuable counter space is made available. One reviewer said he installed the microwave in his RV where counter space is at a definite premium.

In Summary

Over the range model microwaves are purchased more for their dimensions than for any other feature. When the measurements are right, it is nice to find an unobtrusive oven that is easy to use and looks good in the space. The Sharp R-1405 fits that bill quite adequately.

It does not have extra features that drive the price up; it is a basic model with a basic price tag. When all is said and done, the perfect microwave oven for a purchaser is the one that meets their needs the best. If the purchaser is looking for a no-frills, moderately priced over the range oven, the Sharp R-1405 is one to be considered.

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