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Why Do They Call this Panasonic Microwave a Genius?

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Buying a new microwave isn’t something that you always prepare for. After all, you probably take the microwave that you have now for granted and when it finally goes out on you, buying a new one can be a bit confusing.

However, with as much reliance as we have on heating up our food quickly, it’s important to find a great option that is both reliable, priced fairly and also safe for the household. The Panasonic Genius 1.6 cubic feet 1250-Watt Sensor Microwave with Inverter Technology is the perfect example of convenience and durability.

Does it live up to its name as a ‘genius’ microwave? Is it worth your investment? Does it deserve a space in your countertop? Read on and let’s see.

Taking a Close Look at Panasonic Genius Microwave

Size and Look

Finding the perfect size for a microwave can be tricky. You want something that isn’t too large or obtrusive, when you consider the overall size and placement in your kitchen.

And in some cases, you may be looking for the best microwave oven that can conveniently fit underneath a countertop or another area in your home. Then again, you always want a microwave that is large enough to place food in, so you don’t have to make multiple efforts when warming things up. Otherwise, your food will get cold while you are waiting to individually heat each part of your meal.

With the Panasonic Genius Microwave, you get the best of both worlds.

Aesthetically, it’s a really nice looking microwave with beautiful buttons and a sleek design. Furthermore, it’s compact enough to where it can be placed in your kitchen without taking up too much room or being too much of an obstruction.

Then again, because it offers 1.6 cubic feet of space inside, you can cook a variety of different sized food items. Whether you are looking to reheat last nights dinner or cook up a bag of popcorn, this microwave is the perfect option to do both.

One of the only concerns that you may have with this microwave and it’s appearance is the ease of pushing the buttons. Because the buttons are flat with the rest of the microwave, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to actually push them down.

This means that if you lightly try and press a number on the keypad, you’ll likely have to push it a bit harder. This may not seem like a major problem on first thought. But if you through all the microwave oven reviews carefully, you’ll find this to be an important consideration among many owners.

If this is a serious concern to you, you may want to consider Panasonic’s Genius “Prestige” microwave oven as it features easier pop-out dial button.

Control panel view of Panasonic genius microwave ovenPanasonic most popular inverter microwave NN-H965BF

Functionality and Specification

There are a ton of functions that make the Panasonic Genius a great choice. The reason this device gets the genius tag is because it offers a one-touch sensor that allows you to reheat food in a hurry. Even the least savvy chefs can quickly make a tasty meal, by just using the one-touch sensor.

Along with the one touch sensor, you also have other function keys that include quick minute, keep warm, clock and timer, and more. No matter what your cooking or how long you need to do so, this microwave will work for it.

And because it also has a child-safety lock on it, you won’t have to worry about the kids in your household using it improperly. All of these fully encompassing features are exactly what you should be looking for when trying to find the best microwave oven, and this Panasonic model certainly offers plenty of options.

The size of this microwave oven is 19”x22”x12”. It also weighs 29.8 pounds, which is quite comparable to other models on the market. Inside is 1.6 cupic feet of space and a 15-inch turntable for cooking.

It’s Your Pick

Now that you’ve seen Panasonic’s Genius microwave oven, do you think it has the ‘intelligence’ that sets itself apart from its peers and qualify itself as the best oven by your definition?

So, are you all decided? Or does this review leaves you pondering for alternatives?

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