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How Much to Expect from Oster OGB5902 Microwave Oven?

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Popcorn. Leftover Heating. Defrosting. That’s What Microwave Ovens are Made For!

This Oster OGB5902 review will explain the features and benefits that come with owning this microwave oven. Most people need an appliance that can heat and reheat meals in a hurry. A microwave will fit this purpose. However, not each product is the same. It is important to compare wattage, settings, and other features that will fit individual needs. Here is a closer look at the Oster OGB5902 microwave.

What’s to Expect from Oster OGB5902 Microwave Oven?

This unit offers a consumer numerous useful features. To begin, it provides 900 watts of cooking power and 10 adjustable power levels. Normally, the higher the wattage of a microwave, the faster the food will cook.

Having 900 watts of power means that it can be used to prepare full meals, not just reheat leftovers. The different power levels will allow you to perform different cooking tasks. For example, lower power levels can be used for defrosting. Personally, I enjoy steaming vegetables in my Oster microwave. When I set it at a lower power level, it is possible to provide a healthier way to prepare fresh vegetables.

Also, there are five auto cooking menu settings available. For instance, you can choose to prepare a baked potato, bag of popcorn, or a pizza with the touch of a button. It is also possible to heat frozen meals or warm a beverage without the hassle of setting a time. These are some of the most popular foods that get prepared in a microwave, so the one touch button makes preparation even more convenient.

The Oster OGB5902 will also come with an express cooking and weight defrost feature as well. This means that when you need to cook something quickly, the express cooking feature will come in handy. Also, when you needs to defrost frozen meat or poultry, you will be able to heat the items according to weight, so the food does not end up overly dry or still frozen.

Finally, the unit has a removable glass turntable inside. This is very important because it will result in even cooking. Having the food moving during the cooking process will distribute the heat and prevent cold spots. Since the turntable can be removed, it is simple to clean and keep sanitized as well.

Weighing the Pros and Cons Of Oster OGB5902

Sleek Design

One of the biggest positives of this Oster microwave is its sleek design. It is an excellent appliance that supplies a decent amount of power, but it does not take up too much space. I have found that I can place this unit in the corner of the counter top and it is not obtrusive in any way.

Child Safe Feature

I also like the child safe lockout feature. I have small children at home, so it is important to keep them safe from burns or other kitchen dangers. This feature prevent my children from getting into the appliance when I am not in the kitchen.

Just Enough Power

For the size of this init, it provides a nice amount of wattage. Smaller microwaves usually come with lower power amounts that can only be used to reheat leftovers. The 900 watts in this oven will be ideal to heat a great deal of foods and prepare a full meal for the entire family.

Microwaveable leftover food in Oster OGB5902 ovenHeating up rice with Oster microwave even

There are many positives to mention in Oster microwave oven reviews, but to be fair, it is important to examine some product complaints.

Short Cord & LCD Issue

To begin, I have found that the unit’s cord is rather short. It is approximately three feet long, so it may not reach an outlet that is far away. An extension cord may be used in these cases. Also, the LCD digital display can be a bit difficult to view from across the room. This is not a problem, since the appliance beeps when the food is ready.

Customer Ratings for Oster OGB5902

Overall, oven reviews featuring this microwave oven from Oster are generally inundated with satisfied story rather than the contrary.

Most people appreciated the lightweight design and small shadow. People who were used to cooking with microwaves that had more power found that the 900 watts of supplied power worked fine to cook food evenly every time.

The other features were convenient when it came to defrosting meat or heating frozen foods as well.

Final Verdict

Oster is a recognized name in the kitchen industry. The company is noted for manufacturing useful and durable products. This Oster OGB5902 unit supplies good power to anyone who is in the market for a simple microwave oven.

The sleek black design fits into most kitchen decors and does not take up much space. This product is recommended for anyone looking for the perfect microwave oven that will be able to prepare a quick family meal at an affordable price point.

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