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Zooming In on that Popular Toaster Oven named Cuisinart TOB-155

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Ready-to-Bake Pizza on Toaster Oven Tray

I am not a purchaser of big-ticket items. I rarely buy luxury items, and even when there is an absolute necessity to buy something that requires my putting in a few extra hours at work, I spend a lot of pre-purchase time researching, price-comparing, and doing whatever it takes to ensure I am getting a real bang for my buck.

Welcome to the Millenial Generation! Haven’t heard of millenial generation before? It’s basically a term used by market researchers to define people like me, er, who browse a lot and always try to get the best bang for our bucks.

In my latest experience bargain-hunting for the best oven, it only took reading a handful of Cuisinart TOB-155 review before realizing this appliance could be a definite consideration for adding to my minimally but adequately-equipped kitchen.

What Makes Cuisinart TOB-155 a Popular Toaster Oven?

I ultimately did adopt the Cuisinart. This mini-oven has made me such a happy chef.

It is one of the best toaster ovens I had in years. I would be a thief not to share with you why I think you, too, should invest in what will lend you convenience and versatility – and some absolutely delicious meals.

The one quirk that others express concern about when it comes to this toaster oven is its bulkiness. Some feel the toaster oven is big enough to serve as a second oven, but if you are like me, obsessively anti-clutter, you’ll find the Cuisinart’s size a small price to pay for its accurate, even cooking, ease-of-use and other amenities.

Let’s see what you’re going to get with the TOB-155:

  • Space enough to toast up to six slices of bread, cook a whole chicken or bake a 12″ pizza
  • A motor that roars a whopping 1,500 watts
  • Easy-to-read settings for baking, toasting, broiling, defrosting and more
  • An uber-chic, high-tech touch pad panel
  • A size of 16.14″ long X 15.75″ high X 10.03″ wide an d a weight of 13.6 lbs.
  • An easy-to-clean interior, including a broiler pan and drip tray
  • A clock and a timer
  • Aesthetic appeal in the form of a stainless steel front panel embraced by a matte black exterior and a brushed chrome handle (*Caveat Emptor: this handle tends to get dangerously hot during the cooking process, so use with caution. On that note, it features side-carrying handles which do not over heat, for safely transporting the appliance)
  • A cord storage niche for extra tidiness perfect for space-minimizing perfectionists such as myself
  • An Exact Heat Sensor
Close up view of Cuisinart TOB-155Cuisinart best-selling toaster oven in operation

My Encounter with Cuisinart TOB-155

The Cusinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven is in my opinion best praised for its ability to cook a variety of foods evenly and precisely leaving me more time for mingling with my dinner guests rather than having to keep a constant eye on the oven. Courtesy of its Exact Heat Sensor, the device can maintain the perfect oven temperature needed to cook everything from a simple bagel to a finicky Cornish hen with impressive accuracy.

When the after-party hits, you won’t face a harrowing clean up, thanks to the toaster’s nonstick interior and a crumb tray that releases itself easily from the back of the device (on that note, some reviews report the crumb tray difficult to access, but this has not been my experience).

Aside from its large size and over-heating handle, one other con which I can attest to is that the oven doesn’t always shut off when the timer dings (however the device does boast an automatic shut-off feature after four hours, which gives me great peace of mind especially considering I have been known at times to forget to shut off my oven).

I attribute this flaw to a technological glitch which, once again pales in comparison to the convenience and versatility offered by the Cuisinart.

Not to mention the speed with which this gadget cooks – I cannot even begin to explain how much more time this toaster has permitted me to spend with my family, designing my table-scape patterns, or planning my next meal due to its superior, speedy cook-time.

Plus, it comes with a three-year warranty so if you are totally let down by the toaster, you can feel secure knowing your purchase has not been written in stone.

Inner view of Cuisinart TOB-155Cuisinart TOB-155 control panel zoom in

It’s Your Call

In conclusion of this Cuisinart TOB-155 review, I give this kitchen appliance 4 stars, 2 thumbs up and whatever other method of praise it would take to advise you towards adopting this appliance into your home kitchen, office break room, school dorm room (even for culinary students with the highest of standards!).

This multi-functional device has the ability to please from the most experienced of chefs to expert epicureans. The Cuisinart TOB-155 has been designed to please cooks and cater to meals across the entire culinary spectrum.

Convenience, great tasting and flawlessly cooked meals with the added bonus of an appliance that can added a contemporary pop to an otherwise drab kitchen area: what more could one ask for?

The instruction manual even comes with some unique recipes, created exclusively for executing with the Cuisinart TOB-155.

So, do you think you have found the perfect toaster oven in TOB-155? If not, be sure to check out our pick for the ultimate toaster ovens.