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Is Camp Chef the Italian Artist We Need to Make Great Pizza?

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When it comes to pizza, wood-fired oven will unarguably give you the best result. Only wood-fired oven will give you pizza that is perfectly crisp on the outside but puffy and soft on the inside. Only wood-fired oven will give you smoky flavor that can’t be produced with even the best toaster oven.

Wood-fired oven may be the ideal choice when it comes to baking the perfect pizza. If you have patio that’s large enough and you make pizza on weekly basis, consider getting the best wood-fired oven.

“But what happened to the rest of us? Our patio may be spacious but we don’t bake pizza that often.” If that concern resonates with you, fret not. I can tell you that 3 out of 4 of us are in the same situation as you.

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza oven is designed with users like you and me in mind. No, it’ll not make you the mouthwatering golden brown crispy crust supremo that you get with wood-fired oven. I’d be lying if I had told you that.

But it can definitely do better than what your toaster oven can. Really? Let’s zoom in and find out.

Features Of Camp Chef Italia Artisian Pizza Oven You’ll Love

Highly Portable. Highly Versatile.

In a number of oven reviews talking about Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven, this oven is claimed to be among the best on the market today. This oven is portable. You can take the oven camping, or use it outside on your own deck and patio.

It is made of stainless steel construction, and looks nice with any outside decor. Stainless steel is so popular today and makes cleaning a breeze!

The Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven is fashioned after a real wood burning brick oven. You may not get the smoky flavor from a real wood fired brick oven, but you can always add a smoker box.

It runs on a simple 1 pound propane tank, as well as a full size propane tank, so it is very versatile. A built in ignition makes this oven very easy to start. An inside temperature gauge is great because it eliminates checking the temperature all of the time.
This oven is very powerful for its size. It features specially designed burners which heat up to 7000 BTUs and features special heat plates. This ensures that you’ll reach the ideal pizza cooking temperature in the shortest possible time.

Bake to Near Perfection

A Cordiente Ceramic Pizza Stone is included in the oven, which is terrific because it draws unwanted moisture away from the pizza dough, which is essential for a perfect, crispy pizza crust.

A double layered ceiling and double walled construction allows for for great insulation, keeping the heat inside so that your pizza is baked perfectly.

Pizza making with Camp Chef Italia artisan ovenChicken roasting using Camp Chef outdoor oven

Fast Pre-Heating Time

Specially designed valves give you heat control, and it is really simple to use. Ventilated door handles are a nice touch. This oven preheats and is ready to cook in 15 minutes.

You can make your dough ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator, or use a pre-made dough, assemble your ingredients and you are ready to cook! It preheats that fast!

More than just Pizza

You can also use frozen pizzas, which is very convenient when there is no time to make your own dough, or when you are using the oven on a camping trip. You can really get creative when using The Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven because it bakes more than pizza.

Cal-zones, meats in a skillet, and salmon are just a few of the other meals that you can use this oven for. Trying out new recipes is fun with this oven!

Beware! It’s Hot!

Use oven mitts at all times because the oven does heat up quickly and because the oven gets so hot, one could easily get burned.

In a number of reviews, owners of Camp Chef artisan pizza oven noted the challenge in operating the oven during windy conditions. This is particularly true when you take it during your camping trip.

To offset this, you may require you to cook at a higher temperature. That is why the specially designed valves are so important! You control the heat!

Close up view of Camp chef outdoor pizza ovenOperating with Camp Chef artisan pizza oven

Full-Range of Accessories

The Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven comes with a full line of accessories. The Pizza Spatula is wonderful because you can assemble your pizza, and pop it in the oven, just like a restaurant.

It can be used for other meats or fish the same way, with you never having to worry with special pans. The Rocking Cutter is easy to use and assures that you have perfect slice sizes.

There are over different accessories available with this oven, which allows you to pick and choose what you may use the most, and they are affordable.

My Verdict for Camp Chef Italia Artisian

With all said, it is worth mentioning that Camp Chef has indeed been a great company with great passion in manufacturing outdoor eequipments.

If you’re looking for the best pizza oven that works almost everywhere (at home or in the middle of wild jungle), Camp Chef Italia Artisan pizza oven is worth every consideration.

The best wood-fired can give you that pleasant smoky flavor and perfect golden brown crust but will easily take thousands of dollars from your pocket. Some of the best outdoor ovens like Blackstone 1575 and Deeco DM-00390IA-C have received rave reviews but easily cost hundreds of dollars.

Not ready for such a big investment but want to get started? Camp Chef Italia Artisan oven is a smart bet that will do little to hurt your wallet.

Image credit: Elizabeth Thomsen