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About The Original Camerons Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker

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While standard cooking infuses food with equal parts greasy fat and flavor, the Cameron’s Stainless Steel Smoker confidently sidesteps the fatty part of the cooking equation by turning to the power of smoke-cooking.

The original stovetop smoker, this rugged set cooks food to a turn with toasty hot results, adding portable convenience and a place in our smoke oven reviews.

Close Examination of Cameron Smoke Oven

Product Highlights

In appearance, the stainless steel build of the stovetop smoker is rugged and solid. I measured it at around 15″ long, 3.5″ high, and 11″ wide.

While this might not seem big, it’s the ideal dimensions to place a medium-sized ham inside or a few filleted fish, or perhaps a juicy Atlantic salmon or three.

The overall weight of the stovetop smoker is a light 8-lbs, including the wire-shaped handle, which cleverly folds away for easy storage.

This portability factor is important in searching for the best smoke oven, and it’s portability matched by good to excellent results.

In a time when healthy eating makes the news every other day, cooking food with smoke and avoiding unhealthy saturated oils and fat, makes for a tasty cut of meat without added calories.

The unit is undeniably compact, perhaps a little too small for larger cuts of meat if there’s a large gathering of friends or family, but it’s ideal as an indoor alternative to a messy outdoor barbecue.

The included recipe book gives advice on how to lay down the wood chips, adding the wire support rack to the cooking tray, before placing the entire assembly over a cooking source.

Simple Guide on how to use The Original Camerons Stainless Steel SmokerDetailed instruction on how to use Camerons stainless steel smoke oven

This source can be electric, gas, or even an outdoor camp fire in the great wilderness, but, even with the aid of the cooking guide book, there’s likely to be some trial-and-error.

That’s part of the learning experience and no reason to stop the stovetop from entering the best smoke oven category.

Surprisingly versatile, I truly consider the Cameron Stainless Steel Smoker a success and a worthy addition to our smoke oven reviews. It does double-duty as a steamer and a roasting pan, even taking on the role as a poacher.

The look may be basic, sitting on a heat source with its protruding wire handle and sliding lid, but it does a fine job at sealing in juicy flavor with a smoky accent. I’d recommend following cook instructions in the included booklet as some recipes use different configurations.

Aluminum foil may be required for one type of meat, while the next recipe needs a spray of oil and an accurate measurement of the cooking capacity. In other words, don’t stack up those hot dogs too high.

Guide on how to use The Original Camerons Stainless Steel SmokerPicture of the Original Camerons Stainless Steel Smoker with Wood Chips

The best smoke oven category would seem to have a new member, but I’d also say be careful what’s being cooked. Don’t stray too far from the recipes in the booklet.

Some items, smoked almonds for example, didn’t cook satisfactorily, and there was a little condensation present when the lid was sealed. Otherwise, there’s little excuse not to buy this compact cooker, including an easy to pack away configuration and dishwasher safe components.


Smoke oven always make interesting discussion in many oven reviews and discussions. Most smoke ovens tend to be either unworthy of consideration or terrifically built with plenty of cooking options. This unit sits firmly in the latter category.

The air does gets a tad smoky when operating the smoker but not overwhelmingly so, thankfully. Consider this unit a tempting alternative to a barbecue setup, but remember the capacity is limited, and plan accordingly.

The stainless steel construction alone is reason enough to add this smoke box to the kitchen and enjoy smoky flavor with healthy results.