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Does Blackstone 1575 Make a Good Outdoor Pizza Oven?

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Pizza Fresh from Wood Baked Oven: Yummy!

Pizza Fresh from Wood Baked Oven: Yummy!

For those looking for the best oven for outdoor use, look no further than the Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Patio Oven. Blackstone is a cooking products company founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who love nothing more than to grill on their decks or patios.

Currently, Blackstone’s product catalog is segmented into four different categories. Products in the “Backyard Living” collection were designed to make your outdoor space a personal oasis. “Recreational Cooking” covers everything that involves informal culinary equipment, while Blackstone’s “Commercial grade cooking” category is comprised of certified cooking gear for high-end users. And, for restaurateurs, the company’s line of “Restaurant Supply” is directed at accommodating the needs of food professionals.

Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven Specifications

The Blackstone 1575 is distinguished by its push button igniter and commercial grade wheels that allow you to easily maneuver the oven from your garage to your patio. When you have found the perfect place in your outdoor space for the oven, use the Blackstone’s lockable casters – which are located on the wheels – to lock the grill in place and give it a sturdy, formidable base that will withstand everything from casual bumping to serious wind and rain.

In terms of heat, the Blackstone has a 60,000 BTU burner that quickly reaches a temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. To get the oven hot, all you need to do is press the push button igniter.

The 1575 Oven also has a battery powered rotisserie motor. The oven itself is constructed of sturdy, durable stainless steel. A pair of Double A batteries is required to power the rotisserie.

Picture of Blackstone 1575 Backyard Pizza OvenPopular outdoor oven with wheelCommercial-Grade Wheel: Easily Moveable. Highly Durable.

Good Things about It

I have been using the Blackstone 1575 for quite some time now, and have come to appreciate its ease-of-use. In particular, I really appreciate that the oven is mobile. I frequently invite large groups to backyard meals, and sometimes I need to reposition the grill on my patio to add chairs and outdoor tables. Because the 1575 Oven is on wheels, I can move the grill and then lock it into place in a matter of moments.

Unlike most outdoor grills that tend to cook food consistently, the Blackstone’s proprietary convection design cooks pizza consistently, evenly, and all the way through.

How I typically measure the quality of an pizza oven is by trying out the classic margherita recipe, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite pizza recipe. Honestly, it loses out to the pizza produced from my wood-fire oven. But… To give credit where it is worth, I have to say the pizza quality made out of Blackstone 1575 is definitely way better than one that is made of the Presto Pizzazz oven.

Although the grill does not reach the temperatures Blackstone indicates, the 375 degrees Fahrenheit required to cook a pizza with nicely browned crust is achieved three or four minutes after igniting the oven.

The 1575 Oven is great for all manner of pizzas, even up to 16 inch diameter pies. And, although the Blackstone contains no wood-fired oven, the taste of the pizza resembles that of a pizza that has been grilled over wood. The stainless steel oven achieves this fantastic feat by cooking with reflected heat, which, surprisingly, gives off the same taste as a wood-fired operation.

Other positives include Blackstone’s sterling customer service reputation and warranty. Blackstone customers who received ovens with broken parts were easily able to reach the company’s customer service department and have their part promptly replaced free of charge.

Picture of blackstone garden oven in actionPicture of pizza baking in action with Blackstone outdoor ovenThe Oven You Need to when You Have Great Pizza Recipes

Not So Good Things about It

My biggest complaint about the 1575 oven is the inconsistency of the cooking temperature. Blackstone reports that the oven reaches temperatures of 700 degrees Fahrenheit, but my own experiences indicate that the grill only reaches temperatures of about 600 degrees, with maximum air temperature above the grill maxing out at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the Blackstone 1575 is perfect for pizza of all sizes and diameters, when I tried to heat meats, fruits, and vegetables in a pan in the oven, I found that pans that were higher than 2″ in height would scrape the sides of the oven. This is disappointing, because I have had to resort to cooking my meals in smaller installments as opposed to all together in one pan, which would be most convenient for saving time and dishwashing purposes.

Although I have not had this problem myself, a number of outdoor oven reviews that discuss the Blackstone 1575 report users having gearbox attached to the rotisserie (the part responsible for making the rotisserie rotate) which has a tendency to stop and start, or not work at all.

One issue I did have – and one that appears to be common among other Blackstone customers – is that the oven’s rotating table slipped during shipping, and I had to spend a considerable period of time repositioning it so that it would rotate without hitting the sides of the grill. I am handy with tools, grills, and manual components, but I can imagine that someone who is not so mechanically inclined would have a very difficult time moving the platter so that it did not scrape the walls of the oven.

Many users also report that various parts of the oven were damaged or broken during the shipping process. Because Blackstone’s customer service is so good, the frequency of broken parts is more of a minor inconvenience than a major problem.

Is It for You?

I’ve said my part. Now, it is up to you to answer the question. Every one of us has a unique need when it comes to cooking and this can’t be more true than cooking one of America’s most loved dish – the Pizza!

While this has not been a perfect product (tell me what product is perfect), it has worked wondrously for many American families (including mine).

These days, every time I took the dough out, my kids would be screaming in joy. They are so looking forward to the pizza that’s coming out of my Blackstone 1575 oven.

Be it the simple but mouthwatering margherita or the healthy and smooth quattro formaggi. I have to say this investment has not been the easiest on my pocket but I think it is one that has proved its worth.