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All American Sun Oven: Probably the Healthiest Way of Cooking

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While other solar appliances lack the power to do more than warm a beverage, the All American Sun Oven has enough sun focusing intensity to cook all kinds of succulent food.

I feel the design and purpose of the product suits campers and outdoors enthusiasts, heating and browning food while far from conventional energy sources.

The oven simply keeps on cooking as long as the sun shines. Should the zombie apocalypse come, take note of sun oven reviews, paying close attention to this independence-enabling appliance.

All American Sun Oven Reviews

The All American Sun Oven is a rugged cooking appliance, a contender for best sun oven, and a solid addition to any emergency preparedness kit. Whether I lived in tornado alley or off the grid in a cabin, the oven would steadfastly cook food, drawing energy from the sky above.

It takes prepared fillets of salmon and cuts of meat from raw to fully cooked within a few hours. Soups and stews soak up the solar heat and simmer while cradled in the confines of the 19″ x 19″ x 9.5″ oven. In fact, any piece of meat or vegetable cooked in a standard kitchen oven can be cooked in the sun oven.

Of course, there are limitations, one being the sun itself. A camp stove powered by gas can cook a meal night or day, but this stove depends on the warming rays of the sun for its cooking power.

Setup the sun oven, attaching the highly polished reflectors to the edges of the tough box in minutes, and the directed sunlight concentrates in intensity, focusing on the contents of the oven.

The focusing reflectors are made of anodized aluminum, which means they’ll never rust. Simply wipe them clean from time to time to keep their reflective surfaces as bright and clear as mirrors.

As I’ve already mentioned, sun oven reviews focus on emergency preparedness, and the manufacturers of this sun oven ensure the device fits the category. The reflectors collapse for storage without any complicated dismantling instructions.

I can bundle the unit, pick it up by the carrying handle, and move to another location while carrying the 21-lb compact package, safe in the knowledge that it can be reassembled in minutes.

That’s peace of mind while trudging a dense forest or stuck out in the great outdoors, and a definite plus when looking for the best outdoor oven for emergencies or recreation. There’s even a leveling tray for setting up in rough terrain, ensuring cooking stays even.

The temperature of the oven rises to a soaring 400 °F, which is plenty of heat to roast any kind of food, but I’d consider cutting larger cuts of meat into smaller chunks to ensure everything is fully cooked, especially if you enjoy your food well done.

The one unfortunate factor to deal with here is the movement of the sun. An adjusting leg and a guide to refocusing the oven keeps the disc of the sun firmly on the cooking food, but there’s always the occasional cloud to cope with.

The weather is a definite factor here, and one that affects the best sun oven category, no matter the quality of the device. Otherwise, the rugged build of the All American Sun Oven is impressive.

The low iron glass door and the chassis of the appliance can withstand the challenges of any outdoor environment.


Sun oven reviews keep tabs on new and interesting developments in the field. Besides certain elemental restrictions related to weather and a preference for dark colored pots and pans, this sun oven efficiently utilizes solar heat.

It’s built to be tough. It may well be the best oven you need as part of your emergency preparation kit.